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Some experiments from a Software Engineer daily working from a Chromebook..

One things that few people know is that the all Chromebooks are actually a Linux laptop, running a customized version of Gentoo Linux. They are a can easily see a terminal by typing Crtl + Alt + t after login:

You can even use an ssh and very few Linux command lines, but by default this shell is very limited.

However, on any ChromeOS you can enable a real shell, for this you must enter on developer mode . To start the ChromeOS on Developer Mode is quite simple, just type : Esc + Refresh Button (or F3 on normal keyboard) + Power Button . It works most part of the Chromebook available on the market

!!! WARNING: Enter on Developer Mode makes you loose ALL your local changes and files on a Chromebook. !!!!!!

Interested on start to use ChromeOS on developer mode? I often use the followed post as reference every time someone asks me about this: How to Enable Developer Mode on Your Chromebook .

Happy Hacking :)

Chromebook Developer Mode