Rafael's Lab

Some experiments from a Software Engineer daily working from a Chromebook..

I daily use ChromeOS on Guest Mode, so I don't have any extension or app loaded on my environment. Normally it is quite comfortable to use Guest Mode, as all my personal data, work data, bookmarks, emails, rss, chat are provided by my personal system (a personal ERP5 instance) or by my employeer ERP5/System.

However from time to time, I need a quick temporary editor for copy and paste, for format some text; or just a quick editor to take notes from a conference. and for this I use a simple builtin feature from every browser... try to type on your browser url this:

  data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

your browse becomes, you can keep it bookmarked and you can download/save your notes as html. Thanks to the editablecontent attribute you can create a custom editable html page your own with templates without any text editor.

Feel free to Try yourself

Using Chrome as an Editor